Dr. Zuckerberg  Elevating the Dentist's Standing as a Primary Care Practitioner

Edward J. Zuckerberg, DDS, FAGD

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About Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg has been a pioneer in the integration of technology in the dental office and development of techniques for delivering Painless Dentistry for over 40 years. He continues the advancement of newer dental technologies through lecturing at dental conferences and conventions.  Dr. Z joined Revere Partners, the First Independent Venture Fund to invest solely in early stage oral health care companies in 2021 as a Venture Partner, and together with associates at Revere they do diligence on hundreds of new companies every year and invest in several through their quarterly rolling funds.  In addition Dr. Z serves as the Chief Dental Officer for two companies: KEYSTONE BIO, a company that has developed a monoclonal antibody that can eradicate Porphyromonas Gingivalis (PG), the Keystone Pathogen of gum disease which has been shown to be the primary driver of systemic inflammation and the root cause of many neurodegenerative and vascular diseases affecting hundreds of millions of people; and VIOME, addressing root causes and diseases of the body by testing and uncovering causes of microbial imbalances and inflammation in the gut and oral cavity.

Dr. Zuckerberg connects with Dentists and Oral Health Entrepreneurs around the world via lectures, conferences, virtual webinars and podcasts, as well as participation on Advisory Boards of companies looking to disrupt Oral Healthcare and the Medical Industry.

Speaking  Events

Dr. Zuckerberg lectures nationally and internationally with the goal of elevating the standing of the Dental Health Professional as Primary Care Health Practitioners.

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg

Digital Marketing & Consulting

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg

As an early adopter of technology in his dental practice, Dr. Zuckerberg knows the importance of staying current with business trends.

Today, the most important marketing opportunities for all offices are on the internet. Mastering online marketing is critical for dental practices with unprecedented access to greater audiences than ever before.

Dr. Zuckerberg’s expertise can prove invaluable to any practice in expanding their market access and focusing on new and emerging dental technologies and techniques.

Emerging  Technologies

Dr. Zuckerberg assists dental and medical entrepreneurs who have developed new techniques and technologies with bringing their ideas to market.

Dr. Z is a Venture Partner at Revere Partners where together with a team of top Dental Industry Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) they perform diligence on hundreds of companies each year and invest in several via their quarterly rolling funds.  In addition he is a member of several advisory boards for startups and brings the combination of technological insight along with more than 40 years of practice experience to these companies.

Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg

Publications & Articles

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In addition to his consulting and speaking work, Dr. Zuckerberg authors many articles related to social media marketing and dental technology, as well as projects for scientific journals.

His work has been featured in dental magazines, newspapers, and textbooks. Dr. Zuckerberg has also been referenced in industry podcasts and quoted in articles related to reputation management and social media marketing.

He continues to be a well-respected leader and peer in the dental and marketing communities.

Dental Practice

Dr. Zuckerberg opened his dental practice in Dobbs Ferry, NY, in 1981, where, along with his wife, Dr. Karen Zuckerberg, a Psychiatrist,  they developed painless techniques that would allow dental phobic patients to receive the care that they needed. He continued his practice until 2013, when he and his wife moved to California to be closer to their grandchildren. Dr. Kevin Jong took over the practice from Dr. Zuckerberg, and patients can find more information at dobbsferrydental.com.

Currently, Dr. Zuckerberg practices dentistry part time at the offices of Cupertino Dental Group in Cupertino, CA.

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