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Dr. Edward Zuckerberg has a long history of helping dental and medical entrepreneurs bring new techniques and technologies to market. In the 30 years since he began pioneering the integration of technology into the dental office, he has participated on a number of advisory boards. His combination of technological insight and experience as a dentist places him in a unique position to assist new business ventures as they design, develop, and market innovations. Learn about the fascinating companies that Dr. Zuckerberg has worked with. 

Smile Stations

Engage, educate, and communicate with patients more easily than ever before!

With Smile Stations, dentists have a unique opportunity to streamline their digital content and advertising. By combining a targeted app with interactive digital displays, dental offices can increase customer awareness of products. 

Dentists can place these interactive digital displays, which resemble giant smartphones, in their waiting room. The educational and promotional material provided by the displays capitalizes on the average 10 minute wait time, improving communication with your patients. In addition, Smile Stations allows dentists to stay connected with their clients, enhance their brand recognition, and grow their practice. 

Woman entering information on the SmileStation

Call Sumo

Track all your marketing in one place!

For many dentists and medical professionals, the money they invest in marketing can seem like a bit of a mystery. Money goes out, but does it bring anything back in? Figuring this out can be difficult. Call Sumo offers an easy and comprehensive method for tracking marketing channels and optimizing your investment. 

Once Call Sumo is in place, the program can analyze call data to provide helpful insights on sales, marketing, and operations. This analytical approach can save valuable time and build better connections with customers.

Call Sumo logo next to laptop


Build better flossing habits today!

While most of us know that flossing is good for our smile, many of us still avoid it - despite the fact that regular flossing can eliminate bad breath, prevent cavities, and help you avoid gum disease. FlossTime aims to fix this by making flossing as easy as possible. FlossTime by Smile Pronto™ is the world’s first automated floss dispenser, offering a better way to build lifelong flossing techniques. With a simple touch, the device dispenses the perfect amount of floss. 

Even better, FlossTime will gently remind you if you forget to floss. The illuminated displays a smile at you when you remember to use it and a frown when you forget. With a range of designs for both adults and children, the whole family can benefit from this innovative device. 

Woman pressing the FlossTime device as a man hugs her around the waist


A smarter way to improve your brushing habits!

Prophix by ONVI is an innovative approach to oral hygiene. This electric toothbrush syncs with your phone to give you a better view of what is happening in your mouth and how to improve your brushing habits. It comes with multiple attachments, including a mirror and a rubber tip. 

The associated app provides a live feed of your brushing, catching spots you missed and providing tips on how to better clean your smile. It can also track your results and monitor problem areas to ensure your smile stays healthy. 

Prophix electric toothbrush

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