Early Detection of Oral Cancer is critical to improve survival rates and quality of life.

Proteocyte uses AI and Machine Learning to predict the likelihood of non-malignant oral lesions turning to Cancer over a 5 year period.

So how does Proteocyte improve patient outcomes?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help the treating Doctors determine the best course of action in a patient with a non-malignant oral lesion. The decision for aggressive or passive treatment is now science based and not arbitrary

With a simple touch, FlossTime's easy-to-use dispenser provides the perfect length of floss. 

An Award-Winning Technology Designed to Make Flossing Easy

FlossTime is the world's only smart floss dispenser. The device mounts to your bathroom tile or mirror and dispenses the perfect length of floss every time.

With LED lights to remind you to floss and fun snap-on covers for kids, FlossTime makes flossing easier to remember and more enjoyable.

FlossTime kids' dispenser
"Really love this gadget! I don't have to look for my floss, it's right there on my mirror. I don't have to figure out how much floss to take out, it's automatic, just touch the front and you automatically get the perfect amount. And it reminds you that you haven't flossed. Great product!" Pauline

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