FlossTime dispenser


Flossing offers significant benefits for your smile, but many of us still avoid it. It is also an easy part of your daily routine to forget.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg works with FlossTime by Smile Pronto™, the world's first automated floss dispenser, to help solve these issues.

So how does FlossTime help improve your oral hygiene routine?

FlossTime dispenser

Build Healthier Flossing Habits for Life with FlossTime

Get the Perfect Amount of Floss

With a simple touch, FlossTime dispenses the exact right amount of floss, taking the guesswork out of flossing.

A Built-In Flossing Reminder

FlossTime's illuminated display smiles at you when you remember to use it and frowns when you forget, gently reminding you to take a minute for better oral health.

Something for Everyone

This innovative device comes in a range of designs for both children and adults, meaning the entire family can experience the benefits of FlossTime.

Woman using FlossTime
With a simple touch, FlossTime's easy-to-use dispenser provides the perfect length of floss. 

An Award-Winning Technology Designed to Make Flossing Easy

FlossTime is the world's only smart floss dispenser. The device mounts to your bathroom tile or mirror and dispenses the perfect length of floss every time.

With LED lights to remind you to floss and fun snap-on covers for kids, FlossTime makes flossing easier to remember and more enjoyable.

FlossTime kids' dispenser
"Really love this gadget! I don't have to look for my floss, it's right there on my mirror. I don't have to figure out how much floss to take out, it's automatic, just touch the front and you automatically get the perfect amount. And it reminds you that you haven't flossed. Great product!" Pauline

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