Even if you are committed to regular check-ups, it can be difficult to know if you are actually succeeding with your at-home care.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg works with Prophix by ONVI, an innovative system which provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits and more.

What makes Prophix so unique?

Prophix toothbrush and smartphone

Prophix Offers a Smarter Way to Improve Your Brushing Habits

Sync Your Brush with Your Phone

Prophix is an electric toothbrush equipped with a camera which connects to your smartphone. This provides incredible insight into how to improve your brushing habits.

Multiple Attachments

Prophix comes with several attachments, including a mirror and rubber tip. This allows you to more effectively target different concerns in your smile.

Track Your Results

The Prophix app provides a live feed during brushing and tracks your results, allowing you to catch spots you missed and monitor problem areas to ensure your smile stays healthy.

Prophix app and brush Prophix app and brush
Prophix can point out spots you commonly miss, allowing you to better care for your entire smile. 

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg

Dr. Zuckerberg

Dr. Zuckerberg graduated from NYU College of Dentistry in 1978. His ability to stay current with cutting-edge technology helped him to successfully run a private dental practice for years. Now, Dr. Zuckerberg works to help others do the same through:

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