Prophix toothbrush and smartphone


Even if you are committed to regular check-ups, it can be difficult to know if you are actually succeeding with your at-home care.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg works with Prophix by ONVI, an innovative system which provides real-time feedback on your brushing habits and more.

What makes Prophix so unique?

Prophix toothbrush and smartphone

Prophix Offers a Smarter Way to Improve Your Brushing Habits

Sync Your Brush with Your Phone

Prophix is an electric toothbrush equipped with a camera which connects to your smartphone. This provides incredible insight into how to improve your brushing habits.

Multiple Attachments

Prophix comes with several attachments, including a mirror and rubber tip. This allows you to more effectively target different concerns in your smile.

Track Your Results

The Prophix app provides a live feed during brushing and tracks your results, allowing you to catch spots you missed and monitor problem areas to ensure your smile stays healthy.

Prophix app and brush
Prophix can point out spots you commonly miss, allowing you to better care for your entire smile. 

This New System Is Reinventing the Way We Brush

Prophix by ONVI is a video toothbrush which links with an app on your phone. The Prophix toothbrush captures images along with a live video feed to more effectively monitor your oral health.

With progress tracking and motivating tips, Prophix is a full-service toothbrush which can make your visits to the dentist easier and improve your overall quality of life

Prophix toothbrush
“As I used intraoral cameras and monitors to treat my patients, I saw how it helped them to better understand the status of their oral health, and in turn, adopt better cleaning habits... With today’s advancements in technology, it is finally possible to bring this never-before-seen dental solution into the home with Prophix.” Craig S. Kohler, D.D.S., M.B.A., M.A.G.D., Founder/CEO of Prophix

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