Woman using Smile Stations display

Smile Stations

Building brand recognition and connecting with patients can be difficult, even for established dental practices.

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg works with Smile Stations, a company which developed a unique way to engage, educate, and communicate with patients.

So how can Smile Stations help you grow your business?

Woman using Smile Stations display

Streamline Your Digital Advertising with Smile Stations

Increase Awareness of Your Products

Smile Stations creates interactive digital displays in the shape of giant smartphones. These displays provide educational and promotional material to build awareness about the services you offer.

Capitalize on Wait Times

Patients typically wait an average of 10 minutes. Smile Stations tailors their materials to this wait time, allowing you to improve your communication with patients and reduce dissatisfaction.

Stay Connected with Your Patients

Smile Stations allows you to better control communication and manage your message, so you stay connected with your patients and build brand recognition.

Smile Station in waiting room
Taking the shape of a giant interactive smartphone, Smile Stations makes the most of patients' wait times. 

Streamline Your Advertising with This Unique Digital Platform

Smile Stations consists of an interactive digital touchscreen display which is set up in your waiting area. It combines large-sized screens with mobile app technology to provide direct messaging content.

This unique advertising system allows you to up-sell and cross-sell your products and dental services for greater success and business growth.

Girl using Smile Station
“Smile Stations is the only point-of-care interactive patient education, advertising, and merchandising platform in oral care with camera for social media engagement and voice activation skills to create a better patient engagement experience.” Nazar Kamangar, Smile Stations CEO

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