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Dr. Edward J. Zuckerberg has authored many articles and publications for industry leaders on social media and digital marketing, technology integration, and general dentistry topics. He has also been featured in podcasts and frequently gives lectures nationally and internationally on these subjects. His experience and insight have helped countless practices grow in the Internet age.

Dr. Zuckerberg's publications include:
  1. Dentaltown Magazine/Journal, May 2012- Face to Face with Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
  2. LA Times, 3/30/11; Meet Edward Zuckerberg, Tech Savvy Dentist (And Mark’s Father)
  3. Dentaltown Magazine, March 2014, How to Manage Your Online Reputation, by Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
  4. Dentaltown Podcast with Howard Farran – The Original Zuckerberg with Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
  5. Dentaltown Magazine, Sept 2010, Does My Office Really Need a Facebook Page? By Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
  6. Dentaltown Magazine, Dec 2010, One Dentist’s Journey with Technology (or how I learned to Love my Computers and put down the Sledgehammer) Edward J Zuckerberg DDS FAGD
  7. Compendium on Continuing Education in Dentistry; Nov/Dec 2013 issue, “Overcoming Barriers to Implementing New Technologies in the Dental Office”
  8. Compendium on Continuing Education in Dentistry; June 2015, “The Reality of Virtual Dentistry”
  9. Compendium on Continuing Education in Dentistry; September 2014, “The Business of Social Media”
  10. Inside Dentistry, May 2012, “Dr. Edward Zuckerberg talks about rules of engagement for promoting a practice page on Facebook”
  11. Incisal Edge, Fall 2012, “Mark Zuckerbergs’ Dental Roots”
  12. The Costco Connection, September 2012, “The Face(book) of Business, the elder Zuckerberg”
  13., February 27, 2014, “Leaders in Dentistry: Dr. Edward Zuckerberg
  14. Authored a chapter on Social Media Marketing in the textbook: “ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing”
  15. Authored a chapter on Esthetics and Dental Marketing in the textbook: “Esthetic Dentistry, A Clinical Approach to Techniques and Materials”
  16. Authored an article in the June 2016 issue of Dentaltown entitled “Climbing the Social Ladder: How Dental Offices Should Be Using Facebook Now”
  17. Interviewed for an AGD podcast by Dr. Wes Blakeslee that was featured in September 2015
  18. Article about Dr. Zuckerberg in “Dentists Money Digest” 4/27/16
  19. Dr Zuckerberg quoted in article about Reputation Management in October 2016 issue of Inside Dentistry.
  20. Interview with “Dentists Money Digest” editor Joseph Hannan at the Greater NY Dental Meeting on November 28, 2016

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